How to Delete a IG Comment


Instagram is a great way to share short videos and photos with friends, family, and total strangers on the internet. However, it opens you up to some toxic behaviors in the form of comments. It can be easy to write a witty comment only to realize later that it was in bad taste or completely offensive.

How to delete a ig comment allows you to report a comment by another user. If a comment is found to be against community rules, it will be deleted from the post, and if enough reports are made about the same account, Instagram may restrict or even deactivate that account. However, you can also delete a ig comment yourself, either on your own posts or other people’s. Whether you want to delete a comment on your own post or someone else’s, the process is pretty simple and is similar for both Android and iOS users.

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To delete a comment, start by finding the post with the comment you wish to delete. Once you have the post open, swipe to the left on the comment (iOS users) or long press on the comment (Android). This will reveal a trash can icon that you can click.

When you delete a comment, it will not only be removed from the original post but from all future posts that include it. This is why you might want to think twice before deleting a comment that has been liked or replied to many times.

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