How to Cultivate Marijuana Seeds


Marjuna seeds seeds became widely available, cultivation suddenly went from a battle between large foreign export gangs and government border control guards to something almost anyone could do. Cultivating your own marihuana became not only possible, but easy and very satisfying. The only thing required was a little knowledge and the ability to purchase marihuana seeds of your favourite varieties.

It’s important to remember that seeds are not the same as flowers or buds. Cannabis seeds are small, round and hard, and have a shell that is extremely heat resistant. When smoked, they pop and crackle, creating a harsh smoke that smells like burnt toast. If you’re lucky enough to have some weed with seeds in it, use a pair of scissors to separate the seed pods from your herb. If you don’t have the best trimming scissors, you may need to lightly toast the seeds before separating them from your bud. Toasting makes the shells more brittle and easier to peel away with your fingers.

Mary Jane’s Magic: A Journey into Choosing and Growing the Perfect Cannabis Seeds”

If you’re a marijuana cultivator who doesn’t live in a legalized state, it can be difficult to find seeds. The most obvious workaround is to buy them outside the US, but immigration officials will likely confiscate any seeds you try to bring back into the country, because bringing marijuana-related items into the United States is still illegal under federal law.

Cannabis seeds occupy the same head-spinning gray area as magic mushroom spores, which are also unregulated but can produce psychedelic effects when ingested. Last year, a lawyer who specializes in federal cannabis regulation wrote to the Drug Enforcement Agency and explained that since cannabis seeds don’t actually produce a high and have negligible THC content, they should be treated like hemp and shouldn’t require a license to sell.

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