Security Guard Company in Tulsa, OK


Security Guard Companies provide entrance and exit screening, personal and property protection, patrols, system monitoring, alarm response, currency pickup and delivery, and other security services. Tulsa Security Guard Company may be armed or unarmed, stationary or mobile, and uniformed or non-uniformed. Some safeguard groups and individuals at public places such as bus or train stations, airports, sports stadiums, and shopping malls, while others protect corporate executives, industrial plants, or warehouses.

How can I make a lot of money as a security guard?

This is a company that really cares about it’s employees and shows it. They provide excellent pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement. The owner and CEO takes a personal interest in the company and stays in contact with everyone.

G4s Secure Solutions USA is a Security Guard Company located at 2424 E 21st St in Tulsa, OK that accomodates both armed and unarmed security guard services. They offer special event, post guard security, alarm response, and nightly security patrol service.

To become a licensed unarmed private security guard in Oklahoma, an individual must first successfully complete phases I and II of the CLEET training. This can be done at a school such as Metro tech here1 or another career tech school.

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