Uses For Dark Green Crystals


  • Green Crystals are often associated with Nature, Healing, Growth and Abundance. They are also tied to the Heart Chakra and can help heal & open it.

    Dark Green Crystals  is a stone of hope, it is said to promote health and luck. It is a very good stone to have if you are feeling low or unlucky as it can help you overcome these feelings quickly. It is also a good stone to have if you are experiencing any issues with relationships as it helps to improve them and create harmony in your family.

    Another very good green crystal is Green Malachite, this beautiful stone is known as the magician of strength, it can help to transform any stagnant energies and bring you back into balance. It can also help you to use your intuition to see what it is in your life that is blocking you from moving forward, enabling you to let go of any fears and anxieties that may be holding you back.

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    There are many more Green Crystals that you can use, most of them can be used in combination with other crystals, combining them can add to the vibration that you receive from them and can increase their healing properties. You can also use them to prepare elixirs by placing the gemstone in purified water, the water will then absorb the vibration of the gem and you can then drink it, this is usually done with more potent gemstones.

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