Tennis Court Repairs


Tennis Court Repairs

It is best to do a yearly inspection of the surface of your tennis court. If you have structural cracks or significant unevenness, then resurfacing will need to take place rather than repairing the cracked surfaces alone. Resurfacing your court will fill in the cracks and even out the surface. Resurfacing will also increase ball bounce and add a longer life to the surface.

The Tennis Court Repairs to fix cracks in your court is our crack-filler installation. We use a system that utilizes flexible fabric, which expands with the crack. This is an important aspect of the system that other “crack repair” systems do not offer. This allows the stress to be spread over a larger area of the expanded fabric, preventing the crack from widening and potentially tearing out or delaminating from the court surface.

Game, Set, and Match: Transforming Your Tennis Court with Expert Repairs

Once the cracks are filled and the surface leveled, you can have a high-performance resurface coating applied to your court. The most common choice for a coating is an acrylic blend, sometimes with rubber added. Most courts also choose to have a multi-layered cushion system installed during resurfacing. This is especially helpful for older players and helps minimize achy joints after play.

Resurfacing costs vary based on the number of coats that are required if an acid wash is used to prep the surface and the overall condition of your tennis court. Having the surface of your court professionally restored is the most effective way to keep your courts safe and playing quality high. Letting cracks and dips remain unrepaired poses tripping hazards and impacts the quality of play.

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