Water Based CBD Tincture


water based cbd tincture

A water-based cbd tincture tincture is an easy-to-use CBD product that can be placed under the tongue or added to your favorite drink for a quick cannabinoid boost. Unlike oil-based tinctures, water soluble tinctures are able to quickly enter the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract. This is important for many consumers because it allows them to take smaller doses while still feeling the same effects. This can also save them money on their CBD consumption.

Oil-based tinctures work by physically dispersing the CBD molecules in the oil before they can be absorbed into your body. However, this method is prone to clumping and layering and is not protected from oxidation. There are four methods that can be used to make an oil-based CBD extract into a water-soluble one. One way is to simply use sonic dispersion, which uses acoustic waves to break down the oils into tiny droplets. This method is fast and simple, but it is prone to clumping and doesn’t protect the oil from oxidation.

A New Era of Wellness: Exploring Water-Soluble Hemp Supplements and Their Advantages

Another method is to use an emulsifier to create an emulsion. This forces two typically incompatible substances, like oil and water, to play nicely together. This process can be more expensive, but it ensures that the resulting solution is stable and homogenous. It also eliminates the need to add any additional ingredients to protect the oil from oxidation, which can cause it to degrade over time.

The most popular way to ingest CBD is through tinctures. When using a high-quality water-soluble CBD tincture, you can simply place drops under your tongue or add it to a beverage for instant absorption. Water soluble tinctures offer superior bioavailability over their oil-based counterparts and can reduce the amount of CBD that goes to waste. This makes them a great choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their CBD experience and supplementation regimen.

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