Solar As a Service Ireland


The sun is a renewable energy source that can be used to generate electricity in Ireland. solar as a service ireland converts sunlight into thermal or electrical energy depending on the type of panel. They are available for homes and businesses to reduce their electricity bills, improve the BER of their home or business, and help reduce their carbon footprint.

Currently, very little electricity is generated by solar photovoltaics in Ireland. Despite this, the Irish government has set a target that 70% of all electricity will be generated from renewables by 2030. This study aims to evaluate the economic feasibility of large-scale utility-scale solar in Ireland using a real options framework. The analysis utilizes the Least Squares Monte Carlo method to price the real option and determine if the investment is commercially viable. The findings show that comprehensive policy support, particularly through an extension of REFIT to include PV systems, is required for the technology to become commercially viable in Ireland.

Empowering Irish Homes: The Rise of Solar as a Service in Ireland

The technology behind solar PV is simple, safe, and reliable. It is the most abundant and cost-effective source of renewable energy in the world. Solar as a service in Ireland allows homeowners to produce and store their own clean electricity. This helps to decarbonize the electricity supply in Ireland and reduce reliance on fossil fuels and grid dependency. It also allows homeowners to earn an income through the SolarShare Virtual Power Plant scheme. It can even offset electricity costs, potentially saving up to EUR800 a year. Solar energy is a smart investment for homeowners and the best way to make an impact on climate change.

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