How to Protect Wallpaper


Protection wallpaper is a popular way to decorate rooms in modern interior design. Its popularity has grown over the last few years because it is often more aesthetically pleasing than paint and also much quicker to install than paint. But if your wallpaper is prone to stains, or it will be used in areas with high humidity, like a bathroom, then it might need some extra protection.

Wallpapers with a washable surface can be treated with “wallpaper protection fluid” to make them dirt-repellent and easy to clean. The liquid is easy to apply and available in many different packages depending on the size of the room that will be covered. For more demanding applications, a transparent protective foil is also available that can be glued to the wallpaper.

The Ultimate Guide to Protection Wallpaper: Stylish Security for Your Home

This is ideal for patterned wallpapers in heavily used areas, or for kids’ rooms where the occurrence of a mess might be greater. It is important that the wall decor is completely dry before applying a protective coating. This will ensure that the liquid or foil will not soak into the wallpaper, resulting in a loss of adhesion and inability to be washed off with household cleaners.

A clear decorator’s varnish is ideal for protecting your wallpaper from water damage, and stains and even helping to stop mold. It is always best to allow a day for the wallpaper and paste to fully dry before applying a varnish. Before you begin to protect your wallpaper, it is a good idea to move all furniture away from the walls and cover floors with plastic sheeting to avoid splashes.

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