The Influence of House and Landscape on Pergola Height


the influence of house and landscape on pergola height

The the influence of house and landscape on pergola height  is an important consideration. Too low and a shade structure could feel cramped or obstruct views; too high and it may not provide the desired amount of shade or privacy. A landscape professional can help determine the proper dimensions and integrate the structure into the garden. They can also help with permit requirements and compliance with any local homeowner association rules.

How the structure will be used should also dictate size and location. If the pergola is to create a seating or dining area, it should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the desired number of people. If it is to draw the eye through a space or highlight a garden feature, it can be smaller.

Harmony in Design: How Your House and Landscape Influence Pergola HeighT

A pergola should be placed in the garden where it can best serve its purpose. It can be a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of plants, to screen undesirable views or create a sense of enclosure, or to frame an entrance way. A pergola can also be built to offer a little shade in a sunny spot or to provide a transition from a paved area to an unpaved one.

Pergolas are typically constructed of wood, although they can be made of other materials as well. It’s important to choose a durable, rot- and pest-resistant material for long-lasting use. Natural rot- and insect-resistant species, such as redwood or western red cedar, are ideal but can be more expensive than other types of lumber. If you’re unable to find these, tropical hardwoods such as ipe or teak can be a good alternative.

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