Seed Junky Genetics Review – Pineapple Fruz, Pineapple Fruz and Minntz


Seed junky Genetics began in the early 2000’s in a garage in Southern California where the founder’s passion for cultivating cannabis blossomed. Their relentless breeding and pheno-hunting has led to the creation of Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, Kush Mints, The Soap, Jealousy and many other top shelf strains for various US brands. They are a hands on breeder that is connected directly to cultivators and creates the best strains for the world’s top growers. This is why Berner of Cookies Y Jungle Boys has partnered with them to bring their amazing strains to Florida under the brand name Minntz.

What are dawg strains?

Pineapple Fruz matches tropical flavors with hard-hitting cannabinoid counts to make for a potent afternoon delight. The flavor profile is reminiscent of fruity smoothies and candy with gasses and pineapple notes that add a hint of sweetness. Medical users might find this strain has calming effects that reduce stress and anxiety.

This indica-dominant hybrid brings together two famous California strains to create a sinfully sweet strain with flavors that resemble doughy cake and sugary vanilla. The potency is high and might provide a deep body-numbing experience that might relieve pain, reduce stress and help sleep.

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