Challenges of Outdoor Cooking for Youth Groups


is an essential camping skill that can also be a lot of fun for families, friends and groups. It can be as simple as a rudimentary fire pit in a circle of stones or as complex as an outdoor kitchen that includes a grill, smoker and oven. There are many benefits to cooking outside from both a health and ecological standpoint.

Youth groups can outside cooking  unique challenges when it comes to offering outdoor cooking, as most kids will be limited in their cooking skills and have little experience outdoors. They will need constant supervision and instruction from adults to ensure they are safe around a campfire or grill. They will need to be able to follow instructions and be cooperative while rotating through different cooking stations for food preparation and washing utensils. They will likely want to eat as quickly as possible to get to their next activity, such as the chow line at camp, which can create issues with timing for meals.

Beyond the Kitchen: Exploring the Thrills of Outside Cooking

In addition, all participants should be wearing closed-toe shoes and long hair should be tied back. Aprons can be worn to keep clothing clean and it is a good idea to avoid nylon or plastic clothing as it could catch fire and burn the skin. Having first aid kits and water close by is essential to deal with any burns or cuts. Keeping a supply of extra briquettes close by and making sure the cooking area is covered with a tarp in case of rain are important safety precautions to take.

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