Halo 2 Smart Dog Collar Review


Halo 2 dog collar is a smart GPS collar that is designed for training dogs and keeping track of their locations. Unlike other collars like GPS invisible fences, this smart device does not use static to contain the dog and instead uses sound and vibration feedback to encourage them to stay inside of its virtual boundaries. It is also a more durable and user-friendly design that allows you to personalize the feedback with a variety of sounds, vibration patterns, and optional static prompts. Additionally, you may also adjust the profile color and Halo LED to match your dog’s collar mode, illuminate for nighttime visibility, and notify you of changes in feedback.

How much is a halo 2 collar monthly?

Moreover, the Halo 2 has improved location accuracy and durability, making it a more reliable choice than most invisible or shock collars. It can be configured to detect your dog’s movement indoors through beacons that are placed around the house, and it can even set up safe zones within established fences. Lastly, the collar is water-resistant and can be submerged for short periods of time.

The collar is recommended for dogs over 20 pounds with necks that are between 11 and 30.5 inches. It comes with a training guide that teaches you how to train your dog to use the virtual fence, and it also provides helpful Youtube videos for any questions you might have. The basic plan costs $9.99 a month and includes the default training program, allowing you to create up to 20 fences, monitor your dog’s real-time GPS location, and access daily activity tracking. A gold subscription offers premium training and the ability to add custom beacon ranges and additional instant feedback.

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