Storz and Bickel Mighty Plus UK Review


The storz and bickel mighty plus uk   is a well-received upgrade of the original Mighty. It is a top-notch vaporizer that performs exceptionally and is made from excellent materials. It has undergone extensive research and lab tests to ensure its quality, including testing how pure the vapor is. It is also UL certified, which isn’t a requirement for many other vaporizers, but shows Storz and Bickels commitment to safety.

It comes with a glass stem mouthpiece to eliminate the plastic taste that is sometimes present in the Mighty’s mouthpiece. This is a welcome change and helps to save your throat and lungs in the long run. Another new addition is a ceramic chamber, which will make the Mighty+ easier to clean. This is something that many users were hoping for and it should help with the build up of resin.

The Mighty Plus by Storz and Bickel: A Game-Changing Vaporizer for UK Cannabis Enthusiasts

The Mighty+ continues to use the dual hybrid convection / conduction heating that is used by all Storz and Bickels portables. This is an effective method that ensures the device heats up quickly and doesn’t overheat. There is also a slight improvement when it comes to vaporizing extracts and concentrates as the Mighty+ ramps up a little quicker in temperature.

One thing that disappointed a lot of the fans was the removal of the removable battery. This is to prevent people from messing with the product and potentially voiding their warranty. The Mighty+ still features an internal battery and can be charged in a reasonable amount of time with a power bank.

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