Wicker Basket Sets – The Perfect Way to Store Extra Blankets and Throw Pillows


wicker basket

A wicker basket is a versatile addition to any home and can be used to store anything from extra towels in the bathroom to laundry in the kitchen to toys or office supplies in the bedroom. Its natural look also works well with Scandinavian-inspired home spaces. To add some intrigue to a wicker basket, consider adding a macrame lace overlay to its top for additional texture and visual appeal.

While woven wicker baskets are often associated with traditional European styles, they have a much wider appeal today. Many people choose to make their own wicker storage baskets and you can find a wide variety of weaving patterns in craft stores. It’s possible to also learn the craft of basket making at a workshop or by taking classes.

Embrace the Rustic Beauty: Incorporating Wicker Baskets into Your Home Decor

When looking for a wicker basket, it’s important to look for one that is constructed of quality materials and offers precision craftsmanship. Rattan is often considered a superior material for wicker because it can be harvested without damaging the tree and has the flexibility to support intricate weaves. It’s essential to keep in mind that rattan can warp over time if exposed to excessive moisture.

This coastal three-piece wicker basket set has a rich dark brown finish and incredible craftsmanship. It features unique tampered edges and metallic bar rim handles. The wicker is a darker color than you’d usually see, which helps it blend into most modern and contemporary home decor styles. The baskets have plenty of space to store extra blankets or throw pillows and will fit right in beside your sofa.

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