Go X Scooters Could Be Shut Down


Go x scootersis rolling out electric scooters that drive themselves to your destination and then charge themselves at a nearby charging station. The scooters use an electric motor on the front wheel to propel themselves and have outrigger wheels that provide balance. When you want to take control, you simply fold the scooter forward. The technology is impressive.

Is riding a scooter better exercise than walking?

Users can download an app and subscribe to weekly or monthly subscriptions. Once a subscription is paid for, the scooters are delivered to a designated pickup location. Users can even get them delivered straight to their doorstep. They simply need to download the app, scan a QR code or enter the vehicle’s number.

The Go X scooter is a relative newcomer to the micromobility market. It’s similar to a Micro scooter in design but with three wheels. It also features a motor on the handlebars and has an extra box with a camera and turn signals. The software makes it possible to operate the scooter autonomously.

But this loophole is closing, according to the San Francisco Mayor’s office. After just a year, the city is threatening to shut down the company that is operating on city streets without a permit. Go X is owed more than $200,000 in citations.

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