Metapay Token Price Spikes Up 917 Percent in 24 Hours


MetaPay has seen an incredible spike in price over the past 24 hours, shooting up 917 percent. The crypto coin is currently trading for around $0.00001436 per unit (METAPAY/USD), which makes it one of the top three earners on the market today. The token launched at the start of this month and has been seeing similar jumps ever since.

Add or remove a payment method from Meta Pay

MetaPay has been designed to be a universal wallet that can store all digital goods purchased in the metaverse. The service will require users to provide proof of ownership when purchasing digital goods. Once the goods are purchased, MetaPay users can access them by signing into the metaverse. MetaPay also allows users to pay online for goods and services. It will also let them view their payment history and modify their settings.

The metapay platform is fully integrated with multiple blockchain networks and protocols, so users are not restricted to a single cryptocurrency. The company has also designed their debit card with robust security measures. Its custom-encrypted code enables users to make secure transactions. This gives them peace of mind that their funds are secure.

Metapay has a six-star rating from users, which helps them make an informed decision. The company also plans to introduce staking to its platform. The company wants its users to earn MPAY as a way to make payments, but the first step is a low fee payment system. In addition, the tokens are designed to be flexible, secure, and fast. They will be useful for both peer-to-peer and institutional transactions. The platform will also provide a decentralized way for merchants to settle payments in the metaverse.

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