What Piercing Supply Do You Need?


piercing supply

When you’re starting out as a piercer, you may not have all the necessary piercing supply items you need. These can include specialized tools or jewelry that you might not have in stock. It is important to tell your prospective clients what they’re ordering, so they know what to expect. You can even create a shopping list in a program such as Microsoft Excel and print it out to keep handy while shopping. Find out – https://www.shininglight-piercing.com/

Unique Brand For Your Wholesale Body Jewelry Business

Forceps are a basic body piercing supply. These forceps are used to hold the jewelry while the needle is inserted. Choose one that is comfortable for you to use and that doesn’t stick out at the end. They can be straight, curved, or both. Septum forceps are the most common kind of piercing supply. You may need several sizes. You can find an 18g Internally Threaded Steel Labret Post in a variety of sizes.

Needles are another important piercing supply for your studio. It’s impossible to perform piercings without them. Hollow needles are available in a variety of gauges. They are available in sterile packaging that shouldn’t be opened until they’re about to be used. Needles are essential for piercing and need to be purchased in bulk if you want to start a piercing business. You’ll also need receiving tubes. These guides will guide the needle so it doesn’t stab the nostril.

Some piercers supply anaesthesia as well. In the US, non-medical personnel are prohibited from administering anaesthesia. Sterilizing body jewellery and equipment is done with the use of a Statim autoclave. Using a steam and gas mixture to sterilize body jewellery and equipment will help prevent infection. The packaging is sealed and features a UV indicator to determine the sterilization status. This means that the items are safe and effective for piercing.

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